8seasonshuskies-dogs2Here a short presentation of the dogs from 8Seasons Huskies – a fantastic team!

We are so honoured to be part of that great team and we are looking forward to many new adventures!

“The dogs made me a better human!”


Loop (*2006)Loop-8seasons huskies

Heยดs my buddy, great lead dog,

acts like he is a young dog,

loves to sleep in the bed

Riis (*2007)riis-8seasons huskies

The untouchable, likes to supervise everyone,

great worker, brother to Fausto


Luna (*2008)luna-8seasons huskies

Our first husky, full off surprises,

little crazy, great Co-leader

Jet (*2008)jet-8seasons huskies

Our second dog, beauty queen

and she knows it… not really a working sleddog

but a great partner for my runs ๐Ÿ™‚

Falk (*2006)falk-8seasons huskies

Lovely guy, reliable team dog,

best hiking buddy, super cute

Heine (*2011)heine-8seasons huskies

Great sleddog, full of energy,

brother to Goethe

Goethe (*2011)goethe-8seasons huskies

Funny dog, acts more like a cat,

super fast on his feeds, never tired


Bambse (*2008)bambse-8seasons huskies

Experienced leaddog, mother to Goethe and Heine.

Owned by kennel Elwetrische Huskies



Bozita (*2013)bozita-8seasons huskies

Little Miss Sunshine, learning fast, super alert.

Owned by kennel Cold Nose Huskies

Dika (*2013)dika-8seasons huskies

Playfull dog, great working motivation, sister to Skog.


Leo (*?)leo-8seasons huskies

The chief in the kennel, NO sleddog ๐Ÿ™‚

He was a street dog in Portgual a long time ago.