Welcome at the Arctic Circle!

Arctic Lifestyle – 8SeasonsHuskies offers exclusive outdoor activities in the northern part of Scandinavia.  We are working in the tourism branch since 2007 and founded two companies in Swedish Lapland. You can find our other tours on www.8seasons4women.com or www.lapplandreisetours.de

8Seasons4Women offers travels for women to Scandinava and Northern America.

Lappland Tours works as an online travel agent for the german  speaking market.

So, enough from the “boring” stuff, here our selection of the most popular activities in the North.

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Swedish Lapland is the perfect place to go on a Northern Light Safari – a “must see” on your bucket list. We will make a campfire in the forest and we will offer you the special coffee cheese which is famous for our region. Our guide will show you some tricks to take great pictures from the Northern Lights with your own camera.

If you like to meet our sled dogs we love to show you as well our kennel 8SeasonsHuskies and explain everything about sled dog training for long distance races. Welcome in our Arctic Lifestyle!


Duration: 3 hours

Group size: 1 – 8 persons

Season: September – March

Location: Mieko-Paradise

Contact: info@8seasons.se

You can find here some tips for the Northern Light photography.

Hiking in the Muddus National Park

Muddus National ParkMuddus National Park is the land of ancient forests and vast wetlands. In the Park is a summer trial system which is approximately 50 km long. In wintertime there are no marked trails, but the iced-over wetlands and snow cowered forests attract many skiers who ski between the cabins that are open in winter. For further information’s have a look on the LAPONIA website.

We can offer you guided hiking tours through the Muddus National Park, all year around.

We gladly put the perfect program for you together. Feel free to contact us!

Duration: 1 day – 5 days

Group size: 1 – 8 persons

Season: all seasons

Location: Muddus National Park

Contact: info@8seasons.se

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