Hi there,sheap on farm in miekojärvi

Great that you found my blog!

Looking forward to keep you updated about our daily life close to the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

What can you expect?

Lots of stories about Lapland, tips and tricks for a visit to the arctic winter or summer, adventures with our sled dogs, a little bit of farming and more about longdistance races with the dogs.

Who is writing here?

My name is Katharina, originally from Germany the nature and people from Scandinavia fascinated me so much that I´m living here now since 2007. I enjoy the different seasons up here in the North, in winter time a lot with my sled dogs and in summer with our other animals on the farm.

Together with my partner Johanna, we run the company 8Seasons Lappland Tours Ab.
Under the brand name Lappland Tours we organize travels manly to Scandinavia for the german speaking market.
Under the brand name 8Seasons4Women are we organizing travels for women to Scandinavia with the focus on Aventure-Culture-Nature.

8seasonshuskies-puppiesMy real passion are the sleddogs – I enjoy to be with them in nature and train them and me for middle- and longdistance races. Follow our journey

Meet the dogs