“Hello and welcome in our life at the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland with dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs!

We  like to share our daily life and adventures with you.”


Katharina Koch-Hartke *1984

katharina koch hartke 8seasonshuskies

Copyright Johanna Frielingsdorf

Naturguide, Musher, hobby-photographer

Born in Germany, to be more precis in “Pium” or better known under the name Borgholzhausen in the Northern part of Germany, I grew up on a farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs.

There I learned what it means to take care of animals every day and to be responsible for them. During my childhood I was not always happy with that but I truly enjoyed the life on our farm!

Mostly the horse rides in the forest together with 1 or 2 dogs felt like pure freedom! Today I´m extremely thankful for those experiences in my childhood – so, thanks Mum & Dad and Grandma & Grandpa!

johanna heinrich 8seasonshuskiesI get the biggest support from my partner Johanna Heinrich. She makes it possible that I can spend as much time with the dogs as possible. She is also the one who started basically everything – Johanna got our first husky in 2008 – Luna (read her story here). So it´s all her “fault” 😉.

At the moment I take care and train the dogs more or less alone but it´s our dream that we can do it together someday, at least in winter time. Johanna joins almost every race as my handler – you couldn´t ask for a better handler.

Johanna started the company 8Seasons Lappland Tours Ab in 2009 where we work all the year around in different sectors of the tourism business.

We live since 2007 in the Northern part of Sweden, we simply fell in love with the different seasons, the nature and the lifestyle up here. And of course with the sled dogs!

Meet our dogs

Dream Team 8SeasonsHuskies

Dream Team 8SeasonsHuskies

Dream Team 8SeasonsHuskies

Dream Team 8SeasonsHuskies

Dream Team 8SeasonsHuskies