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We like to share with you a bit of our daily life with the dogs and our preparations for long distance sled dog races.

Our goal is to be part of the long-distance races in Scandinavia, like Finnmarkslöpet 1000km and Femundslöpet 600km – and to participate in long-distance races in Alaska –  like the Yukon Quest or the Iditarod, the longest sleddog race in the world.

For this kind of adventure we need to train a lot – both the dogs and the musher.

It is important to build confidence and trust in your dog team and in yourself. We always learn something new about sleddog training and racing dogs in long-distance races. It´s a great journey with our furry friends and we are looking forward to all the upcoming challenges.

Where are we living and training the dogs?

Flygfoto 8seasons4women Heart of Lappland Bildarkiv Fotograf Michael Törnkvist 070-5922006 micke@northworks.seOur home is based on a wonderful lake in Swedish Lapland at the Arctic Circle. From December on we have great training conditions there, in November we often need to travel in search for snow. But that is the fun part – being on a trip with your dogs, enjoying the freedom in the North.

We really enjoy that – and the dogs even more so because we spent even more time together.

And why are we doing that?

To be outside with the dogs feels like pure freedom!

They live in the “now” and we always try to learn from them. At the same time you are out alone in the nature. You have to make your own decisions and you have to live with the consequences.

To share so many experiences with your dogs in the Arctic Nature is an indescribable feeling.

Who is part of the team?

Of course, the dogs are the main part of the team, the focus is on them – all the time.

Another important part is the trainer of the dogs, that´s Katharina – the musher. She always tries to prepare them for all possible conditions.

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That could mean:

• that she goes for a run with them when there is really bad weather
• or that she teaches them to go through open water
• or open the trail with the dogs
• or to run in different areas like forests, mountains, lakes, rivers,…
• or to go through tunnels…

You see, it´s a long list, but you probaply got an idea about the training 🙂

Besides mushing Katharina is an educated Wilderness Guide and runs together with her wife Johanna a tourism company where they organize travels to Scandinavia.

johanna-8seasonshuskiesJohanna is the coach of the musher and the brain of our team.

She motivates me to train myself more so that I´m prepared for the winter season and she is the main-masseur of the dogs – they love it!


To reach your dream you need good support and great cooperation’s.

pondusBesides a good training the dogs need the best food that they can get. We feed our sleddogs with meat, fish and extra minerals/vitamins. We are so fortuned to have the producer of the dog food really close to us. So we can see how the food gets produced.

Big thanks to Pondus Dog Food in Överkalix, Swedish Lapland.

Why the title wholehearted mushing?

Wholehearted mushing means to me that the dogs are in focus and that races are more about the journey than the finish result. (Of course, Katharina is a competetive person and she like to have a good result but always under the terms of the dogs.)

Happy dogs – happy musher 🙂

Meet the dogs


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  1. jan-martin karlsson 27th February 2017

    Hej Katharina !
    Vi hörde på radion om dina draghundar, det var intressant,
    jag har några bilder på en slädbroms som jag kallar
    ” björnklon “, har testat i över 12 år, den känns säker, vill bara ge tips på något annorlunda än det som finns i dag.

    M v h jan-martin

    • KatharinaKH 3rd April 2017 — Post author

      Hej Jan-Martin,
      tack för bilderna, jag fick de via mejl.
      Hälsningar från oss och vovvarna!

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