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Sled dog summer fun


sleddog fun-8seasonshuskies-la rs-What are the sled dogs doing in summer?

I get this question quite often. Of course, everybody is wondering what this incredible running athletes, the sled dogs, are doing without snow…

Really simple – they love to play with each other, digging holes where ever they can, eat delicious food which they find in the playground, like rotten fish (yummy…), old bones, roots… They simply enjoy life, and of course training secretly for the winter season. Running on this soft ground is not too easy.

The big playground is new for this summer, before they could run free in our garden but his new area is much more fun (and the garden is a bit safer 😉

sleddog fun-8seasonshuskies-la rs-Thanks to our helpers Sascha, Lars and Susann we could realize that project this year; it took just 3 weeks, 300 meters fence and a positive attitude against the mosquitoes.

Every dog has their own favorite places or “hobbies”.

Get to know them a bit better:

  • Bamse loves to walk around on her own, hoping for more rotten fish.
  • Yuko and Finn are challenging themselves – who is the strongest and fastest dog in the team.
  • Idi is curious looking for new adventures, maybe under the big stone?
  • Solan is always checking out the girls, maybe somebody is in heat?
  • Sopin is looking for more food, everywhere – “Maybe the funny sheep from last year are back in the neighborhood?”
  • Bozita is like a Duracell bunny, just not pink.
  • sleddog fun-8seasonshuskies-la rs-Sugar is a bit crazy, ADHD crazy.
  • Heine is a monkey dog, wondering when he starts climbing up the trees.
  • Goethe is the invisible one, until somebody is asking for a race.
  • Dika is the boss, no question about that!
  • Spice, the tiniest of them all, wants to have a good overview; you will often see her on top of the big rock.
  • Jompa is always asking for extra attention, from everybody!

The oldies – Luna, Loop, Falk, Jet and Leo – are taking care of the garden during day time, somebody has to pull up weed (good that they know exactly the different between weed and vegetables…) and to cut the lawn. 🙂

A great team!

Here a short movie from the second time in the playground.


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