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Chalk bags


Made by Trollslända

We have wwoofers at our little farm as well this summer!

One of them is Susann from Chemnitz, Germany.

She takes care about the garden, the greenhouse and the chickens.

Back in Germany Susann likes to go climbing and for that she is evening making own chalk bags  – you know, the bag where climbers store their climbing chalk.

Her chalk bags are really cool, because each chalk bag is:

  • self-made
  • made of reused fabric like jeans or similar
  • each chalk bag is unique
  • you can of course order your favorite color combination

arcticlifestyle-katharinakh-trollslända-7The brand name of the chalk bags is TROLLSLÄNDA.

You can find the chalk bags of Susann on facebook or in different shops in Chemnitz.

  • Kult-Design-Unikate (Theaterstraße 38, 09111 Chemnitz)
  • Boofeladen (Bernsdorfer Straße 68, 09126 Chemnitz)
  • OnSide Kletterhalle (Matthesstraße 20, 09113 Chemnitz)


You can use the chalk bags for so much more than just climbing. Susann uses them for example in the garden and simply when she is going into town. The chalk bags are also really practical to store dog goodies in it… I promise, the dogs love it 🙂




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