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That´s the wonderful time when the sun is shining for 12 hours, the sky is blue, the birds are arriving and the temperatures are getting warmer BUT the snow is still here! Everybody loves this time of the year. The locals are often out on one of the many lakes to icefish – a famous and long tradition up here in the North. We even had the Swedish Championchip in icefishing in the begining of April. Axel Larsson from our neighbour village Överkalix won this year – we say “Congratulations!”.

If you understand a bit Swedish you can listen to the radio reportage here.

What´s happening on our little farm now?

Now we have to plan the summer with all new (and old) building and repairing projects.

My favorite project is the new playground for the dogs – we have already a big place in our garden where the can run and play all summer but they will even get a bigger place soon. Really looking forward to that!

And of course the planing for next winter is in full progess. We are looking for a new farmhelper/doghandler for coming autumn and winter. If you are interested just follow this link for further informations.

The songbirds arrived and they were quite hungry when it suddendly started to snow again. I tried to take some pictures but that was not sooo easy…


Three male bullfinchs, a great tit and a greenfinch are discussing about the best food…



 Happy Easter Monday!

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