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After the Finnmarkslöpet…


Finnmarkslopet 8SeasonsHUskies…is before the Finnmarkslöpet

Spring birds are arriving, days are getting longer, snow is melting…
The winter seasons is almost over and so is the race season.

We participated in following races:

  • Troms Quest 170km – 17th place
  • Bergebylöpet 350km – 10th place
  • Finnmarkslöpet 500km – 31st place

It´s a strange feeling now:
Kind of empty but at the same time full with
new experiences/plans/ideas,
happy and  sad at the same time – sad because the winter is soon
over and happy because we had a great time and looking forward to new adventures,
energized and tired – energized because we are getting more and more passionate about our life with the sled dogs and tired because it was simply a very intense time.

We are really happy with the results of this winter and proud of the dogs, and a bit of ourselves too 🙂 Like I said earlier, without the help from partners, family and friends it wouldn´t be possible. So once again – a BIG thanks to all of you. And not to forget the volunteers, the VETs and the people who are organizing the races!

Of course we are planning the next season already. We are looking forward to another TromsQuest, Bergebylöpet and Finnmarkslöpet – maybe a fourth race as well like the Beaver Tarp Trail or the Gold Rush Run. It will be interesting to see how the three newcomers – Idi, Finn and Yuko – are fitting into the team, what the sister of Spice (Sugar) is doing… This winter she was mentally not ready for the races, but I´m really positive that she will enjoy the challenge next winter. And maybe we are getting puppies this summer – always something going on in our little paradise 🙂

Here some pictures from the Finnmarsklöpet 2017

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Jompa – main leader during the race, would have been really heard without her!


20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Just before the start – pretending not to be nervous 😉

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

My super handler Johanna (left) – we just dropped our depot bags.

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Checkpoint Jergul

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Leaving from Checkpoint Levajok – Bozita and Jompa in lead, in swing Bamse and Spice, in wheel Sopin and Solan.

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Can´t remeber which checkpoint it was, but I was not so happy about Johanna taking pictures of me (just woke up…)

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Wilderness Checkpoint Mollisjok – great place!

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Somewhere in the Finnmarks

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Tired but happy after we finished the Finnmarkslöpet – Cheers 🙂

20170309_finnmarsklöpet 8seasonshuskies

Well deserved rest after the race … Spice, Bamse and Jompa

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