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Muddus Hike


Short hiking trip in the Muddus National Park

Muddus National ParkYes, finally we did it, a weekend hike in the famous Muddus National Park, part of Laponia in Swedish Lapland. It´s about seven years ago I have been there the last time.


Who are “we”?

We were in total four strangers:

  • Sascha and Hanna, two of our long-term helpers
  • Karen, a nature lover from big town Stockholm 🙂
  • And me of course

Unfortunately we couldn´t take with a dog this time…

Muddus National Park is the land of ancient forests and vast wetlands. In the Park is a summer trial system which is approximately 50 km long. In wintertime there are no marked trails, but the iced-over wetlands and snow cowered forests attract many skiers who ski between the cabins that are open in winter. For further information’s have a look on the LAPONIA website.

We took the northern round of the summer trail which is about 40 km long.

We planned to sleep in tents, but the first night we slept in a cozy cabin in Muttosluoppal – perfect for 4 persons. Why not taking advantage of some luxury if it is available…?!

Muddus National ParkThe second day we walked to the famous waterfall, Muddusfallet or Muddusagahtjaldak, and continued to the next overnight stay in Nammavarre. Just before the waterfall we met some of the Muddus reindeers – that was actually the first time that I could take “quite ok” pictures from them. Thanks for that!

You can also reach the waterfall from the parking place Skajdde which is 7 km away. That´s a perfect day trip, also popular among the locals.

We slept in the tent the last night. There is a cabin as well in Nammavarre but there was already somebody sleeping in there…

The lake close by was already covered half with ice – perfect swimming temperatures! At least two of us were crazy enough to take a dip.

An absolutely highlight was the fresh snow on Sunday morning – no better view to wake up to – especially if you have to go barefood from the tent to the cabin to get your shoes…  🙂

In summary

“It was a great hiking trip, just a little bit too short. I plan to come back in winter time!”

(I hope the other strangers will join me again!)

Muddus National Park


Muddus National Park

Sometimes it´s safer to crawl on all fours

Muddus National Park

Winter arrived 🙂

Muddus National Park


Map over the Muddus National Park

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