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We got three puppies last March.

Idi, Yuko and Finn. Johanna had the great idea to name them after sled dog races.

Idi = Iditarod / Yuko = Yukon Quest / Finn = Finnmarkslöpet

It´s crazy how fast they are growing. First they are so cute and can´t move much and now they are more like little monsters – wild and crazy – exactly as they should be.



This is Finn at the age of 2 month


Idi – 2 month old


Yuko at the age of 2 month

We try to let them explore as much as possible. It´s so much fun to see them growing up. In the beginning Yuko was really carefully, almost affright in new situations but now he is jumping on and in everything – he even jumps from the boat in the water – just because he sees something interesting in the water. Yuko is the craziest eater of the three puppies.

Idi had a heart start; we had to feed her the first week each second hour. But she made it, and how… she is the little queen (just like her mother Dika) and has full control over her two bigger brothers. She is fearless and loves to explore everything on her own.

Finn is an exact copy of his father Jorm – we call him sometimes FinnJorm 🙂
Always talking a lot, wants to be in the middle of everything, he just don´t know where to put his energy.

It will be so interesting to see them running in front of the sledge the next winter.



Idi and uncle Falk


Idi, Yuko, Finn and Heine


Finn with his buddy Heine

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