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Race Alta 2 dagars 2016


Review first race of the winter season in Alta

Now it´s almost 10 days ago since the first race of this season – the Alta 2-dagars about 220km. The special thing about Alta-2dagars race is that there are no checkpoints. You decide on your own where to camp and you have to take everything with on your sled. I guess my sled weighted at the starting line about 70kg, which is not too bad.

The first big challenge was to come to the starting line – the cars back home in Swedish Lapland didn´t like the cold temperatures around – 35 degrees and colder.

After 550 km driving with the car we arrived at the starting line. Sascha, my doghandler for this race, had the great idea to travel with the dogs and the sled to the starting line next time – he meant “A good warm up” and for sure no problems with motor oil or not starting cars…

Sascha wrote a great story about our trip and his experiences on the race – just one thing, it´s in german…anyway, here the link for my german speaking friends

After 30 hours I arrived with all 8 dogs at the finish line. We had a fantastic time out there with Northern Lights and luckily warmer temperatures, maybe 2 ½ hours sleep in total and a some trouble with a heating female and crazy male dogs… I definitely learned a lot.

A hugh thanks goes to ManMat for their great dog equipment – specially for the dog jackets – and Engelbert-Strauss for their clothes.

Now we are looking forward to the next race in March – the Finnmarkslöpet – a lot of planing and training ahead of us 🙂


Last preparations before the start

Last preparations before the start

8seasonshuskies alta2dagars

Picture during the race – with Bambse, Jorm, Heine, DIka, Goehte, Bozita, Skog and Sielken


Dino is exhausted from the planing for the next race…

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