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or Spring-Winter That´s the wonderful time when the sun is shining for 12 hours, the sky is blue, the birds are arriving and the temperatures are getting warmer BUT the snow is still here! Everybody loves this time of the… Continue reading →

Helpers wanted…

FARMHELPER / DOGHANDLER Autumn 2017 and winter 2017/2018 Who would like to experience an autumn and winter at the Arctic Circle? Who likes to be surrounded by dogs and loves to be active outside? We are looking for such a… Continue reading →

After the Finnmarkslöpet…

…is before the Finnmarkslöpet Spring birds are arriving, days are getting longer, snow is melting… The winter seasons is almost over and so is the race season. We participated in following races: Troms Quest 170km – 17th place Bergebylöpet 350km… Continue reading →

Sled Dog Race Season 2016/2017

Happy New Year! Better late than never 🙂 We celebrated the turn of the year with our guests from 8Seasons4Women in Stora Sjöfallet. We simply had a great time there, but more about that later – many nice pictures to… Continue reading →

December baking

December = Baking time When everything is covered in fresh powder snow and the days are getting shorter we always feel a desire to bake! It´s true, funny enough, because I´m usually not backing – cooking YES but backing NO…. Continue reading →

Muddus Hike

Short hiking trip in the Muddus National Park Yes, finally we did it, a weekend hike in the famous Muddus National Park, part of Laponia in Swedish Lapland. It´s about seven years ago I have been there the last time…. Continue reading →

Skördefest – harvest season

Here in Swedish Lapland we call the harvest seasons „skördefest“ We can as well have a “skördefest” this year – thanks to our helpers Hanna and Johanna. Hanna took care of the small plant early in the year and Johanna… Continue reading →

Autumn training

With the 8SeasonsHuskies 2016 We are enjoying the cooler temperatures in the morning or evening to train the dogs with our vehicle since almost two weeks. It´s so much fun to see the dogs running again – they just love… Continue reading →


Puppies are growing We got three puppies last March. Idi, Yuko and Finn. Johanna had the great idea to name them after sled dog races. Idi = Iditarod / Yuko = Yukon Quest / Finn = Finnmarkslöpet It´s crazy how… Continue reading →

Meadowsweet wine

Mieko-Paradise Everything is growing outside this time of the year – even at the Arctic Circle! Last year I tried to make meadowsweet wine for the first time and I was so satisfied that I have to do it again…. Continue reading →

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